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Cost of Training

Fees for all the training are based on an inclusive day rate or per half-day course, which includes all lead up, meetings and development time. It also includes the cost of all course materials, copies of presentations and handouts from the course, which are distributed in a report folder for all participants to take away from the course, for future reference.


We will soon be adding a feature to enable course materials to be downloaded from the website prior to, or up to a week after the training.

We believe that with the right training you can make significant changes for the people both delivering and receiving your services.


Tio find out more about the training courses we offer and how we can tailor them to your needs, call us on

Call us on 07730533593


Our training programmes

Detailed course schedules and materials for any of our courses are available upon request. If you require an individually designed course, not currently listed below, please get in touch and we will be happy to write a course to meet your needs


Training for Provider Services, Managers and front line Health and Social Care Staff:

Raising a Safeguarding Concern ½  day training course

Basic Awareness  and Basic Awareness Refresher ½  day training course

Receiving an alert ½ day training course

Referral takers ½ day training course

Provider Managers' responsibilities in line with Revised Pan London Procedures 1 day training course

Undertaking an Enquiry,  Skills for Multi Agency Partners

Preventing Abuse

Providers’ duties in relation to the Disclosure & Barring Scheme

Self Neglect and Adult Safeguarding

Working with Hard to Engage Clients

Dignity and Respect in Delivering Care


What people have said about these courses;


“Very clear explanations and gave good examples, pace was excellent, as were the handouts”.

“Very knowledgeable of subject being presented. Excellent speaker. Clear in giving information.”

“Mick was very thorough and easy to understand”


Front line care staff who attended the Basic Awareness Training January 2017.

Training for Adult Services or Mental Health Social Work Staff/Lead Enquiry Officers for Section 42 Enquiries:

Enquiry Officer’s training can be run as 1, 2 or 3 day training course

Advanced Enquiry Officer’s training 1 day training course

Risk Assessment & Safeguarding 1 day training course

Domestic Violence & Safeguarding 1 day training course

Financial Abuse 1 day training course

Best Interests & Safeguarding 1 day training course

Looking After Yourself (Safeguarding & Stress Management) 1 day training course

Recording & Report writing 1 day training course


What people have said about these courses;


“The best course that I have ever attended-since I qualified in 1990!”

“Information and knowledge were very extensive. Theory to practice was also extremely helpful. Excellent delivery of materials.”

“Really enjoyable and informative course, great trainer and very relaxed atmosphere and I feel much more confident after this course”

“I will certainly encourage the social workers that I supervise to attend this course”.

“Excellent delivery, engaging and extremely knowledgeable”.

Practice Development Workshops for Enquiry Officers & Managers:

A range of half day practitioner Development Workshops are also available, here are some of the topics we have covered;


Improving Outcomes, Personalised Safeguarding Plans

Safeguarding difficult to engage adults at risk

Mental Capacity Act Assessments

Safeguarding and Personalisation

Nothing about me without me, Safeguarding and Self Directed Support

Hate Crime, Mate Crime and Anti Social Behaviour

Learning from Safeguarding Adults Reviews

Multi Disciplinary Roles and Responsibilities

Risk Assessment & Risk Management

Achieving Best Evidence in Safeguarding Enquiries

Personalised Protection Planning

Recording & Report Writing

Reflective Practice

Other Training:

Working with Offenders with Learning Disabilities

Working with Difficult to Engage Clients

MCA and Best Interests Decisions

Learning from Safeguarding Adult Reviews 1 day course

Training for Safeguarding Adults Managers (SAMs):

Chairing Strategy Meetings & Case Conferences 1 day training course

Managing Section 42 Enquiries 1 or 2 day training course

Chairing & Managing Safeguarding Work 2 day training course

Managing in the context of Revised Pan London Procedures 1 day training course

Duties in relation to the Disclosure & Barring Scheme

Supervision of Safeguarding Work, the role of the SAM


What people have said about these courses;


“Well Presented and gave lots of Handouts which will be useful for future reflection”

“The course exceeded my expectations”

“Very well structured with lots of information”

“Very interesting and well delivered”

“Provided a complete and thorough understanding of the SAM role, applied training to practice in an excellent way”

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Having worked as both lead practitioners and managers of complex health and social care services we understand the importance of having a skilled and motivated workforce who can deliver the best outcomes for service users. We have a broad range of experience of designing and delivering training tailored to meet the differing needs of organisations. We hold particular expertise in a range of Safeguarding, Care Act and Mental Capacity Act training and pride ourselves in being the lead provider in this field for a number of London Boroughs and Mental Health Trusts.


All of our training courses are planned with your organisation’s needs in mind; we actively seek to learn about your organisation, and understand your areas of strengths and development needs to safeguard adults at risk. We understand the increasingly complex environment that health or social care providers are operating in and ensure that this is reflected in the delivery of our training. We consider the legal context and the implications for your staff, designing case study materials reflecting your organisations’ real life practice issues and dilemmas. We are known for interactive and interesting courses, designed to engage and motivate your staff.


Comprehensive course and individual feedback along with any local practice issues arising from our training can be provided as part of our service.


Equally important to us is that the learning from our training is integrated and embedded into improvements in subsequent service delivery. We can therefore also offer packages of training combined with consultancy, such as a service review and audit following training. This will demonstrate our effectiveness and determine how we are adding value to your organisation and its users.  


If you have any questions about how and why our training courses can help you, please get in touch.

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