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Under Section 44 of the Care Act 2014, there is a statutory requirement for local Safeguarding Adults Boards (SAB) to instigate a Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR),

if certain conditions are met.

These follow the previous ADASS guidance and are if;

Either the adult dies and the SAB suspect the death resulted from abuse or neglect,

Or if the adult is still alive and the SAB suspects serious abuse or neglect.

There is also discretion for SABs to commission a SAR under other circumstances.


SARs can be undertaken by in-house managers who were not directly involved in the case although SABs may wish to commission an independent specialist consultant to lead the review and to assist SABs identify the wider learning following a thorough analysis of the case.


MSH has substantial experience of undertaking a range of SARs, both before and

since the statutory duty was introduced in 2015.


MSH can assist with developing the Terms of Reference, compiling multi-agency chronologies, analysing key elements of Individual Management Reports, identifying both single and multi agency learning and as the independent author of the Full and Executive Summary Report.


MSH can also facilitate learning events to help local agencies identify changes to practice following SARs and support implementation of changes through providing

on-going consultancy and integrated training services.


Mick has undertaken training delivered by SCIE on the Learning Together

methodology for undertaking SARs. He has completed a LT based review, with supervision from SCIE and is currently being accredited as a SCIE reviewer.


MSH is able to discuss a range of different approaches to meeting the statutory duty

for S44 SARs, advising on which would be both proportionate and appropriate to the particular case under consideration for a review.


Cost of SARs

Fees for SARs are based on a daily rate, which can be negotiated depending on the extent of the review being commissioned. SARs will usually be completed in 5-20 days, depending on the volume and complexity of material under review.

Safeguarding Adults Reviews

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