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Cost of consultancy services

Fees for consultancy services are based on a daily rate, which can be negotiated for short or longer term pieces of work, this includes all lead up and development time, cost of all materials etc.

Consultancy for effective adult services development


To enlist the consultancy services of  MSH Training & Consultancy Ltd, call us on

Call us on 07730533593


Examples of consultancy services that MSH has provided:

Leadership & Development


We are able to offer independent consultancy at a senior level and guide strategic development both within and across statutory services.


For example we have provided;


Independent Chair of Safeguarding Adults Board, including writing of the annual report and the strategic plan report

Safeguarding Adults policy & procedures development, including the process redesign of Safeguarding systems across a London Borough

Safeguarding Adults Data collection system and analysis of data to inform strategic planning of specialist safeguarding adults services

Audits and Recording systems


We are able to review and evaluate case recording in Adult and Mental Health services and are experienced in the systems commonly used in statutory services (e.g. RIO, Framework I, Mosaic, Care First)


For example we have undertaken;


Independent audit and recommendations for Adult Services Department in relation to compliance with Mental Capacity Act assessments and Best Interest Decisions

Independent audit of all local authority safeguarding records across Adult and Mental Health Services, including the provision of a comprehensive report, data analysis and recommendations

Safeguarding Audits in relation to compliance with Making Safeguarding Personal

Review of High Risk and Hard to Engage Clients, policy, procedures and an audit of all case work undertaken

Audit of DoLS assessments

Operational Services


We are able to undertake a fully independent investigation on behalf of providers, including complex and serious allegations of abuse in services, including;


Specialist advisory service for SAMs and Enquiry Leads

Independent investigations into alleged abuse, on behalf of private nursing or social care providers.

Independent Chair of Safeguarding Enquiries on behalf of NHS Mental Health Trusts and Local Authorities.  

Independent investigations under final stage of complaints procedures for Local Authorities and NHS Trusts


Safeguarding Adults Reviews

Please see our new page, where details of the services we provide to support Safeguarding Adults Boards with Section 44 Reviews are explained.

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MSH can assist you in a number of ways if you need a fresh perspective on the way that your organisation responds to the needs of service users. Whether you're in the public, private or third sector - we have the right experience and expertise . You'll find that we understand the unique challenges that arise especially when dealing with safeguarding adults as well as other related areas of health and social care.


Having a professional consultant come into your organisation from the outside to help deal with a particular issue can be helpful on a number of levels.


Whether you want us to undertake a service review, an audit of practice, chair a Safeguarding Adults Review or simply act as an independent Lead for a Service Level Enquiry, we have the skills and experience required to deliver what you need. We have experience as both the Independent Chair and Author of S44 SARs for a number of Safeguarding Adults Boards across London and the South of England. We have experience of working with SCIE in using the Learning Together Methodology for SARs, where this is


We are also able to combine our consultancy services with our range of training; if you feel this is something your organisation could benefit from please get in touch.  

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